CJB Imageboard Mk.II

The photographs on this site were brought to you by…

Camera Details

  • Olympus SP510 “Ultrazoom”

      512MB xD memory card
      43mm -> 55mm lens adaptor
      Circularizing Polarizer
      UV filter
      large and small tripods

    Purchased: Jan 2007. I’m still breaking this camera in… it has a number of quality-related ‘quirks’ that have offset the specification improvement from the C740. (It’s unusable above “iso100″.) As it stands, I’m not happy with it at the moment.

  • Olympus C740 “Ultrazoom”
    (Accessories as above)
    Purchased: July 2004. I chose this camera for the relative quality of its lens and the 10x optical zoom.
  • Epson DC3200
    Purchased: mid 2000. Now retired from general use, although kept as a backup and ‘rugged’ camera. Its primary attribute at the time I bought it was having a serial port protocol that gphoto2 on Unix could handle, back when I still regularly used a 486 laptop that didn’t have USB.

Bike Details

  • Motorized
    Giant Rincon 2003 MTB
    Rotary Pro DIY kit (See Rotary’s webpage).
    After the clutch seized and it needed shop-servicing, I lost the motivation to use the motor– it wouldn’t be good thing having that fail again in the middle of nowhere– and restored the bike to being a MTB once again.
  • The hybrid-roadie-kinda bike
    Giant CRWX4