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People who’ll feel left-out if I don’t mention them

  • Charlotte’s Web — Charl’s blog.
    A regular geocaching partner (before she fled the country..), and Wordpress weenie.


  • Geocaching Australia.
    Unlike a certain paysite, this group intends for Geocaching to be ‘public domain’ like all other sports in existence, and they’re mostly opposed to Geospeak being the Microsoft of geocaching. (“Hey, you’re only allowed to play Soccer in your backyard if you’re a member of -our- website!” :-P)

Cycling, Bike Touring

  • http://lunky.com/
    Craig Giffen’s circumnavigation of Australia by bike. Not by Car. Bike. Bike.

GPS / Mapping

  • The NSW Departments of Lands GeoSpatial Portal
    Has all the Cadastral and Topographic information that you could want, and is far more detailed than the information provided by Google, or even the Dept.Lands’ own hardcopy maps. Quite possibly the only reason I would ever need to have ubiqutious wireless Internet access. :-)
  • Geocache finds for c.j.b