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The Epic Tale of the time when I met Jack Absalom…

( Camping and Personal )

A note for anyone who isn’t an Australian aged 35 or over— Jack Absalom is one of the ‘Brushmen of the Bush’ Australian Outback painters (check Wikipedia) who pretty-much created the popular genre along with Pro Hart and a few others during the 1970s. Before he got into art, he was actually a full-on outback […]

More photos of the new scooter

( Personal )

Update 2008-11-05:

“Makki” — Piaggio X7 250cc

( Personal )

Be warned that I’ll likely be posting lots of photos in future of my new scooter! :-)Update 2008-10-24: Completed the rider training, and trotted over to Broadmeadow to get a few things, and was offered delivery a day early. :-)


Wait… what..? You expected me to buy a phone SIM card as well? :-P

Fuck off, LOGIN

( Personal )

I’ve decided to dump the local Linux users group LOGIN, as the Fundies running it are bothering me for not being interested in the WYD as they are.
The Pope touched me…
…down under! ;-)
. . . . .

Zorilla 2003-2008

My always-reliable low-power Debian file-server died…
While it only had a 800MHz VIA C3 CPU and a MiniITX motherboard with 64MB of PC133 RAM, it was still capable of leeching/serving a 100Base network at LANs while burning DVDs and running an X display at the same time, and not trashing a bit (or burning coasters..) […]

A visit to the Westlakes Radio Club

Last weekend I was cycling through Teralba, the place where I lived until I was about 6, when I saw an old housemate’s Mini Cooper-S outside the Westlakes Amateur Radio Club building– I’d known he was a fully-licensed Ham Radio op (VK2ZEN..), so I used it as an excuse to visit. I’d last visited the […]

Birthday Cakes

( Food and Personal )

Let’s hear it for not having to bake your own birthday cake this year. :-)
Cookie & Cream Mousse cupcakes, courtesy of Charl, at the small picnic after the Rozelle Writers Centre class.

Scuba Open Water Diving Course at Nelson Bay

( Personal )

I recently enrolled in a PADI Open Water Scuba class. After two ‘Confined’/Pool dives, there was four separate Ocean dives at the Halifax Park Aquatic Reserve and Shoal Bay, in Nelson Bay. We were told there were a few nicer spots to dive, but the conditions weren’t up to it that weekend– plus, us newbies […]