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ZAGG Invisible Shield … fail

I’d bought a full body ZAGG “Invisible Shield” to go with the OpenMoko Neo… and got something that wasn’t usable. Besides from all the small parts that need to be held in place with the palm of your hand while they set, the show-stopper is the larger parts were unusably distorted when the manufacturer placed […]

Three Women together are Evil!

Eeeevvvviiiillll, I tells ya!


Charl mentioned a YouTube video of one of these (link), and I just happened to have the phone vibrator motor to make one.

Abuse of Technology


Somewhere out there, Tim Burton cries himself to sleep at night…
(I checked, and none of the ‘movie’ Batmobiles were on sale. It’s a geocaching prize that I picked up for 2/$2, honest.)

My surname is cool

I would have been about 6 when I noticed this, but a reference in a Mathematical paper reminded me of it…Update:

NSW Real-time Hydraulics and Weather Data

The Manly Hydraulics Laboratory has on-line nearly-real-time weather telemetry from lots of places along the NSW coast.
I believe they’re the same group responsible for the wave and temperature buoys near Harrington: (1) (2)

The Air Car


Maximum speed
110 km/h

City Mileage
150 km

Compressed air refueling time
3.5 hours (240v compressor)2 minutes (high pressure air station; estimated cost $3)

550 kg

Maximum load

Est. cost of 1st-gen
US $7300

Waterproof sportscam

I bought an Oregon Scientific ATC2000 as a project toy– bike riding, attaching to remote-control aeroplanes, etc.
It’s basically a cheap webcam that records to an SD memory card, using AA batteries, in a waterproof and somewhat robust enclosure. The recording quality is also like a cheap webcam, but at least so was the price. With […]