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CHDK Long-Exposure (on a “$100″ camera)

Ignore what the EXIF information says– this was an ISO40 42-second exposure. Only scaling and cropping was done to the photo.
For a 42 second exposure with any other cheap digitial camera, it would be a image of random red and green dots. This was only possible with the CHDK alternate Canon Powershot camera firmware…

The Wallsend Enterprise Centre / LOGIN HQ

The Wallsend Enterprise Centre, between Cooper and Dan Rees Streets– “at the entrance to Wallsend”. The monthly meeting-place for LOGIN, the Linux Owners Group of Newcastle (www.newcastlelug.org).
When I used to live on Kemp St in the 1970s, this was still an abandoned collery railway shed..

New Wide-angle Lens

The wide-angle lens mentioned in a previous post had a problem– the lens chamber was contaminated with manufacturing residue, and as I was unable to clean the internals myself due to a very esoteric pin-ring size, I had to send it back to Olympus (via the NDF Camera House in Newcastle) and get it eventually […]

Norman Lindsay’s Spinx

Photgraphed near to the (dry) bushland pool on the Lindsay Estate at Faulconbridge.
This is technically not something made by Lindsay– it’s a bronze cast made by the National Trust of a deteriorating concrete ‘garden ornament’ he had made.

New Toys

Firstly, I bought a Wide (angle) Conversion lens for my Olympus cameras…
Guaranteed to scare even more crap out of my camera-shy friends :-) … It’s to be used when taking landscape-type photography, to fit more of the view into the final image.
I felt it was also time to upgrade from the Yellow eTrex GPS. The […]

Lunar eclipse August 2007

Note: it’s a large 2048×1584 image…
Smaller versions can be seen on the Flickr site -> ***

Glendale storm damage

A few extra photos of the destruction caused by the June 9th storm in my local area.

Newcastle Flood 2007

Around home and Reservoir Road(several photos have hover-notes)

Wallsend - Wal Herd ParkSevere flooding in this area. Photographed at approximately 8am the morning after the storm.

Mayfield to Newcastle

Newcastle - the Pasha BulkerUnfortunately for the sake of Photography, the Police had cordoned-off the Nobbys breakwall path, probably to keep sightseers from walking up to the ship, […]

Australian Defence Fish

I visited the Williamstown Fighterworld muesum with Charl and Brian while geocaching through the area. One of the exhibits was a CA27 (aka a very heavily-modified Sabre F-86F), Australia’s first Jet fighter. Up close, the design of the airplane was bizarrely peculiar– we compared it with a basking shark, but it also reminded me of […]