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Learn Political History with Afuganisu-Tan

Yet more Japanese Mascot characters– who’ve now expanded into the political science and history market :-) … This was originally a web-comic from an Japanese artist’s site done some time ago (the link to which appears to have died), but it was recently translated to English by the imageboard community.
It should hardly be surprising that […]

Learn English with FullMetalJacket-tan!

There’s been several comically terrible English studybooks sold at Japan’s Comiket over the years, but the latest convention was the debut of Mari-tan, the ‘mascot’ character who teaches you how to talk like the Marine Sergeant Drill Instructor from Full Metal Jacket (R. Lee Ermey). The two lesson books came with an audio CD.
Most of […]


Habanero-tan, yet another of those unofficial mascots (for Tohato Habanero snacks) that originated from the Japanese Nichanneru and 2chan bulletin boards. An English-language archive (not too safe for work).

“Mac-tan” mascots

Several seperate groups of people have asked me recently about the Japanese 2-channel Operating System mascots that I’d been something of an authority of in the past. Most of the questions were about the Macintosh-tans/girls, and here’s a few images to cover some points.
More pictures after the link… (including a few that’re non-worksafe/parentsafe, but nothing […]