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Glenrock Lagoon Historical artifact locations

There’s a conservation management and cultural tourism plan for Glenrock Lagoon online at http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/ that is a wealth of information about all the ~150 historical artifacts in the area!
…including GPS location details!
After a bit of poking at python, I got the UTM information uploaded to a GPS, and a GPX file of all the waypoints […]

Hexham Swamp and the Richmond Vale Railway

Just a quick dump of a few of the photos I took on a visit to the Richmond Vale Railway, and the Hexham Swamp that it surrounds. If I waited until all the prep was done, like geotagging, writing-up all the photos, etc., I’d never get it done..
The Hexham Swamp is a formal Nature Reserve […]

Geocache: “Drift Away”

Drift Away (GC1APFT)
S 32° 53.606 E 151° 33.639
I’ve read about there being an abandoned mine near to Mt. Sugarloaf for some time, but it wasn’t until someone placed a geocache there that I found out its location.
Photos after the jump…

The Wallsend Enterprise Centre / LOGIN HQ

The Wallsend Enterprise Centre, between Cooper and Dan Rees Streets– “at the entrance to Wallsend”. The monthly meeting-place for LOGIN, the Linux Owners Group of Newcastle (www.newcastlelug.org).
When I used to live on Kemp St in the 1970s, this was still an abandoned collery railway shed..

The Vanished Town of Fairley

While reading on Wikipedia about the Cockle Creek railway platform, I found a mention of a private rail service from Cockle Creek to West Wallsend, Seahampton, Killingworth, Barnsley, and the now vanished town of Fairley.
The Wikipedia article for West Wallsend has the details. According to it, the Fairley (aka Seaham No.2 Colliery) train junction was […]

Fighterworld - Nelsons Bay Geocaching

I’m finally getting around to publishing the sets of photos that’ve been sitting around for months…
These came from a big geocaching hunt from in May with Brian and Charl. We first visited the Aircraft Museum at Williamstown, then hunted around for caches in the area.
Charl’s posts about the visit: (1)(2)
Brian’s photos: Flickr
I mentioned the Sabre […]

Richmond Vale Museum (Steamfest part 2)

The next stage of the Maitland Steamfest excursion was a visit to the Richmond Vale Colliery and Railway Museum, somewhere I’ve been wanting to visit for ages. The entrance price was a bit steep ($15/adult), however the big administration building museum, and the large effort in maintaining the steam rolling stock, it was probably justified […]

Maitland Steamfest 2007 (part 1)

On April 21st Brian (train and photography geek) and I (industrial history and general technology geek) visited the Maitland Steamfest.
The first part of the day was photographing the carnival-like exhibition around the Maitland Railway Station. There were several restored 31/32/38-series steam trains using the platform to transport passengers to the other Steamfest venues.
Afterwards, we drove […]

Internet, circa 1994.

I found (on a floppy disk..) this old scan of one of the HNA/APANA users Bill Keir in the Newcastle Herald, from back when we were about the only (cheap) game in town. :-)