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Geocache: “Drift Away”

Drift Away (GC1APFT)
S 32° 53.606 E 151° 33.639
I’ve read about there being an abandoned mine near to Mt. Sugarloaf for some time, but it wasn’t until someone placed a geocache there that I found out its location.
Photos after the jump…

Woy Woy Ferry - Barrenjoey Lighthouse (16 Sep)

Charl put out a desperate call for more geocaching…
This time, I wanted to try using the Ferries from Woy Woy to Pittwater, a route I’d thought about for some time, that had the advantage of also taking no longer than slogging down to Central Sydney and up to Mona Vale via a very long bus […]

Wallsend Geocaching

Heritage Hopper (GC168X2)
S 32° 54.186 E 151° 40.145
Forced Perspective Lens GO! :-)

Scenic Lake II Geocache

Scenic Lake II (The wrath of cache… GC163B3)
S 32° 57.857 E 151° 37.200
I’ve been pushed into hiding more caches, like, maybe 20 or so…
Lets see if anyone can find the cache before GC actually approves it! :)
Update 2007-10-03: Bugger. The cache was stolen before it was even found by a cacher…

Morriset Geocaching

Tractor Pull (GC14YKK)
S 33° 06.623 E 151° 29.066
I’m not too confident that the cache hidden here will last very long…
muddy lake (GC14C7Z)
S 33° 07.014 E 151° 31.963
Shingle Splinters (GC15KDM)
S 33° 05.405 E 151° 32.971
The cache was hidden near to what must be Australia’s cleanest public male outside toilet! :-)

West End Geocaching

A walk starting from the National Parks Lookout, following a trail down the east side of park to the Mackerel Beach area (again!) to let a few people visit the 2108 geocache.
Resolution BeachYay~ Military WWII Bunkers

Mackerel Beach Geocaching

From a visit to Mackerel Beach on the east side of the Kuringai-Chase National Park, with Fiona, Brian, Charl, and I, taking the ferry from Palm Beach.
All of it was to just visit a single cache of Charl’s, 2108 (GCMRTN) …In roughly chronological order…

Certain people embarrassed themselves as the tide came in… and they needed […]

Fighterworld - Nelsons Bay Geocaching

I’m finally getting around to publishing the sets of photos that’ve been sitting around for months…
These came from a big geocaching hunt from in May with Brian and Charl. We first visited the Aircraft Museum at Williamstown, then hunted around for caches in the area.
Charl’s posts about the visit: (1)(2)
Brian’s photos: Flickr
I mentioned the Sabre […]

Geocaching May 12th

Trudging through the month’s backlog of geocaching photos…
A nice ceramic teapot at the Japanese restaurant where he had lunch.