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RTTY teletype

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The last photo… is naughty.

The GUI is holding back computers 50 years…

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Ugh. Ever since I got the Neo, I’ve been spending my spare spare time trying to write software for it in Python, as its been the best option for knocking-up quick&dirty concepts with the numerous frameworks/modules provided. While still a novice with the programming language, I’ve written less-than-trivial useful code in it.
Unfortunately, when it gets […]

GNU/Hurd port of pkgsrc

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A bit over a year ago, I ported the (NetBSD, but cross-platform) pkgsrc software packaging and installation system to the GNU Hurd. I couldn’t find anyone upstream @ pkgsrc who would give it the time of day, so I might was well mention it here for the sake of Google…
The work and notes can be […]

My Review of “Learning Python” by Mark Lutz & O’Failly

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Learning Python, 3rd ed. 2007,
by Mark Lutz.
Seriously– 240 pages into the book, and I still know less about writing useful programs, than what I knew by page 8 of the Wall/Schwartz ‘Camel’ book. Noooooo… Don’t be concise and practical, like all […]

The Openmoko Phone Hacking Post

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Random images from playing with the phone hardware (”made to be opened” should be the official motto…)
I’ve got the exact-same make of cheap Chinese-made “Vulcan” motorcycle boots as the 2007.2 developer images uses on its splash screen…
What it’s running there is an rootfs image I compiled myself. (It took a 800MHz PIII Linux machine about […]


Wait… what..? You expected me to buy a phone SIM card as well? :-P

Happiness is… a Warm Tape drive

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After bringing home several freebie DDS tape drives, only to find all of them were faulty, I gave in and bought one… through– I’m ashamed to say– eBay (with mbrown’s help).
But… it works! … and reads my 7-10 year old backup tapes I made while living in Armidale, as well as managing up to 6 […]


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http://www.tangogps.org/ — A great free software GPS mapping program that caches mapping tiles for off-line use!
By default it uses the openstreetmap service, which only has coverage in the areas where volunteers have provided GPS tracks of the roads, so regional Australia tends to have just their main roads showing, if at all. (If it bothers […]

Microsoft Astroturfing?

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I just had something interesting happen on a site I frequent… Someone started posting photos from “their second day working at Microsoft”, after a week of him mentioning the new job on and off on the forum, but when I followed-up pointing out that the JPEG EXIF information listed different cameras, and having timestamps from […]