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Postie Camping in the Watagans

The third camping trip of the season goes to the ‘third’ bike I own. I had originally intended to try camping in the Chichester State Forest to the north of Newcastle, but that area is to be avoided during the dreaded Schoolies Week, so it became a ‘reverse’ of the second camping trip about a […]

The Epic Tale of the time when I met Jack Absalom…

( Camping and Personal )

A note for anyone who isn’t an Australian aged 35 or over— Jack Absalom is one of the ‘Brushmen of the Bush’ Australian Outback painters (check Wikipedia) who pretty-much created the popular genre along with Pro Hart and a few others during the 1970s. Before he got into art, he was actually a full-on outback […]

The South of Sydney Camping trip — Day 7 (Belanglo State Forest -> Home)

The final day of the camping trip– and just as well, because it was raining, and I had a wet camp…

The South of Sydney Camping trip — Day 6 (Belanglo State Forest)

My plan for the full day in Belanglo was to sit around, hope not to get rained on, and then ride the Postie around to see the area…

The South of Sydney Camping trip — Day 5 (Kangaroo Valley -> Belanglo State Forest)

Yes, the destination for the day is the same place ‘The Backpacker Murderer’ buried his victims. I’m not superstitious, and Belanglo has facilities like a toilet and ‘infinite firewood’, so I was interested in comparing it to the Sunny Corner campsite. (And there’s the hope its reputation might help repel the dreaded family campers as […]

The South of Sydney Camping trip — Day 4 (Kangaroo Valley)

While the Bendeela campground isn’t the most adventurous place, it still does very well as somewhere to know about if passing through, or using it as a recreational base. I might avoid it during the school holidays, though– as previously mentioned, the largest part of the reserve is closed during the off-season, making me think […]

The South of Sydney Camping trip — Day 3 (Kangaroo Valley)

After two nights at Jervis Bay, the plan was to head for the Kangaroo Valley/Bendeela free camping ground. The family I’d cooked dinner with the previous night (with the drunk dropkick son) had mentioned stories of people having their gear stolen by other campers, so I didn’t quite know what to expect.

The South of Sydney Camping trip — Day 2 (Jervis Bay)

The second day of the trip was a full day checking out the Jervis Bay National Park, both the walking trails, and the roads, something I didn’t have time (or energy) for on the cycling visit 5 months ago.

The South of Sydney Camping trip — Day 1 (Jervis Bay)

( Camping )

With an impending house move out of Sydney that would most likely send me northwards, I made a plan to visit several campsites in the Southern Highlands that I’d long been interested in: a revisit to the Jervis Bay/Booderee National Park (that I’d bicycled to at the end of last year), the Kangaroo Valley/Bendella camping […]