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The extended downtime…

…was due to a MySQL upgrade problem, which, when I actually got around to looking at it, was a single-character configuration edit to fix. :-/
Man, blogging is so 2004 these days…

WordPress 2.2 upgrade

Just so you know why things are broken…
At the moment the only problems appear to be the captcha comment plugin, and how the Links menu isn’t showing all the URLs its supposed to.

Fraser Island, 2 Jan 2006

Departing the Island at the end of the day. One of the buses was left behind on the beach overnight.
(This posting was sent/mailed from the iBook using GNUMail, via an SMTP network connection.)

testing again…

I found a problem in the kses.php file which was filtering out the “class” and “style” attributes in mailed/XMLRPC-delivered postings, which was preventing all my nice CSS from working in the mailed postings.
The email-imageblogging scripts were written in bash, and requires a few extra Unix-y things like uudeview, procmail, and ImageMagick. It’s not too portable, […]

A less contrived test

Testing multiple images at once.
I’d imagine if I were posting touring photos, I’d be sending the whole day’s worth of images in the one message, with a summary of the day with it. (See lunky.com for the inspiration.) The command-line script I’m using will make posting lots of images at once very easy too– […]

Testing imageblogging via Email..

The usual Wordpress ‘Blog via Email’ facility only supports importing text, however I’ve just written a script so that attached images are automagically thumbnailed and linked to in an emailed-in post.
It’ll be useful to ‘blog via UUCP’ while bike touring, where I’ll only need minimal net access to update this site, with the added advantage […]

Comment policy update — now with added captchas

I’ve noticed a few people (who I actually know..) have been caught out by having to register with this site before they can post comments. I’ve just installed a Wordpress ‘captcha’ plug-in to allow unregistered human postings, provided they fill in the visual codeword, and this should be adequate for keeping the spambots out. Posts […]

Wordpress 2.0

Whoops… While playing around with a second Wordpress site to test WP2.0 with, I accidently overwrote the WP1.5 site here. I was about to restore from a backup, when I noticed the site still worked (mostly– a few little custom hacks to the source had to be reapplied). Let’s see how the ‘upgrade’ fares…
The IImage […]

New Theme Mockup

Plans are afoot to change a few things with the imageboard layout, if just to avoid the “IE floats bug” by removing the sidebar. I was convinced to try it when I discovered that drop-down menus could be implimented without Javascript! :-)
(This is a rough attempt, so the balance, gradients, etc., are all out of […]