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The South of Sydney Camping trip — Day 7 (Belanglo State Forest -> Home)

Posted on Thursday 6 June 2013

The final day of the camping trip– and just as well, because it was raining, and I had a wet camp…

It had started raining the previous evening before it got dark, and the rain continued through to the next morning without a break. When I got into the sleeping bags, I discovered that the tent was leaking– the tent’s outer fly was flattened against the inner tent, and water was coming in through the seams. Some contortion was needed to try and avoid the wet areas of the floor, but the outer ex-RAAF feather-down outer sleeping bag was already wet in some places. Fortunately the inner sleeping bag, a cheap polyester thing from KMart that is used like a liner, kept the water from reaching me. I didn’t get any real sleep. (Maybe I should have gone outside and slept under the extended fly..)

When it started to lighten, I gave up on the sleeping attempt and made coffee..

Postie at least liked the rain, having most of the dust from yesterday’s trail riding washed away.

This is my Wet Camp face.

Some of the GNs were up at 8am. I put on the wet-weather motorcycle ’storm’ one-piece, to use like a raincoat, and trotted over. They liked the idea of stormsuit over regular raincoats. With the outlook of an all-wet day, those of us who were awake worked to fit a tarpaulin roof over the campfire wind shelter, and then myself and one of the guys went over to several felled pine trees and got a day’s worth of firewood ready. (Essential Car-camping item #3– a chainsaw…)

I’d bought a supermarket BBQ pack back in Bowral that was to be my breakfast and lunch today, but with the rain as it was, I couldn’t use my own fireplace, and so used the GN’s big fire instead– nonetheless, the BBQ tasted like proper BBQ this time. :)

A Deer has arrived!

And a moth…

The onroad repair attempt for the missing exhaust nut was holding up. (However the cable tie didn’t hold up for ride back home.)

Roll on midday, and the weather wasn’t improving, so all the wet camping gear was packed as-was, I farewelled the GNs, and made for home.
Most of the route back was along the multi-lane dual-carriageway Hume Highway, so there wasn’t much trouble from traffic for the 2 hour ride. The stormsuit didn’t seep water either (as it has done before in heavier rain), which was a bonus..

And here’s the other bookend-photo for the trip.

After a few days of recovery (and several more trying to dry and clean the tent and sleeping bags), it is now the official start of my moving out of the place at Merrylands…

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