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The South of Sydney Camping trip — Day 4 (Kangaroo Valley)

Posted on Sunday 2 June 2013

While the Bendeela campground isn’t the most adventurous place, it still does very well as somewhere to know about if passing through, or using it as a recreational base. I might avoid it during the school holidays, though– as previously mentioned, the largest part of the reserve is closed during the off-season, making me think it could be host a hundred or so camping families at its worse.

That’s minus 1.4 degrees. It was a night of sleeping in clothes inside a sleeping-bag.

It got a bit colder when the sun actually rose, and then the frost appeared.

I went on a walk to a nearby geocache hidden along the access road to the campsite. I was hoping for more in the way of fungi in this area, given the environment.

This watercourse drops over 100 metres down the side of a very steep hill, and then into a cave.

Geocache: WOMBAT
The coordinates for this one were off by about 30 metres, and placed me in a spot among some boulders that looked like a perfect hiding spot. I gave up on searching after 20 minutes, and on the walk back to the road found the damned thing against a tree only a metre off-track…

These are the caravaners I’d chatted yesterday with who had trouble with wombats shaking them awake the previous night.

The gated-off areas of the campgrounds were still available to walkers. There’s only the same facilities as the open section (tapwater, toilets).

A bit of a worry finding this…

Right in the middle of the main camping area. Still, not as bad as the wombat who dug a den underneath one of the large boulders in the open area of the grounds.

I found the body of this torch in the area where the kayaks launched… and then I found the LED blub in the brush maybe 10 metres away… and then the reflector in another part of the grounds… and the switch in another… After about an hour of treasure-hunting all over the place to find the parts to get the entire torch back together, it didn’t work. Nuts.

Different to the previous night, the wildlife became active while it was still mostly daylight. One of the wombats actually made a run right through the camp of two new caravanners that had arrived that afternoon, although the rest of the community were a lot more wary of humans.

I’m guessing wombats have their share of dumbasses, too.

In the gated area of the camping grounds, there was an area that workmen were restoring a section of shoreline, and had exclusively closed off to everyone. I needed my camping-trip UrbEx fix, so…

Someone had busted-up the storage shed on the 2nd toilet block.

This was huge! At first I thought it was a drainage channel, but no, it was a wombat Hilton..

The wombats in the gated section were a lot less nervous of humans.

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