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The South of Sydney Camping trip — Day 3 (Kangaroo Valley)

Posted on Sunday 2 June 2013

After two nights at Jervis Bay, the plan was to head for the Kangaroo Valley/Bendeela free camping ground. The family I’d cooked dinner with the previous night (with the drunk dropkick son) had mentioned stories of people having their gear stolen by other campers, so I didn’t quite know what to expect.

There were still a few things to do at Jervis Bay on the last day– one of them being to sneak over to the Bristol Point campground while it was still dark, and take liberties with their gas-powered hot water showers that were actually hot.

Kangaroo and Wallabies get the campground shift on Sundays. (Sorry about using the flash..)

On the cycling trip to Jervis, I’d noticed about a dozen stuffed animals hang up in trees like this– the consensus seems to be it’s a persistent local prank.

Rolled into Nowra for a supermarket raid, and on the advice of a curious mother waiting in a car next to where I parked, I stopped off at the Shoalhaven River reserve to the north of the bridge for lunch. The chat we had was mostly about traveling to new places to live, but being distracted by somewhere along the way and rooting-in there… In her case, she’d left Melbourne and was heading for Brisbane, but at the point of reaching Nowra she lost the will to do any more road-tripping, and had been there for 15 years.

I’d photographed this thinking it was a J-Pop reference.

On the Moss Vale Road, heading to Cabewarra Mountain– 600 metres or so in height, and the Postie had to make it over 512 metres of that.
…much of it at 30 km/h.

Taking a breather at Kangaroo Valley. An air-cooled engine that was run for too long at slow speed, needed some time to cool down as well.

Adding a road just before the campground that was missing from Openstreetmap. It’s an access road for a few farming properties.

The first thing I realized about the campground was the lack of cooking/bbq facilities– gas-cooking only! Nuts. The majority of the grounds were closed to camping as well at this time of year.
When I arrived, the place was somewhat crowded with picnicking families– although in the late afternoon those dayvisitors left.

Several Kayaking companies were regularly delivering and collecting people and equipment.

While I was scouting around looking for a good place to camp, a trio of P-platers bringing their music to the people rolled in and set up their camp nearer to the toilet block …so I chose a spot acoustically separated from them as much as possible…

Something that looks like basalt– except it was kept at a temperature long enough for a mineral to crystallize.

Kangaroo Valley is famous for its… wombats. A bit later on, I brought out a directional boom microphone and went listening for wildlife, and in one of the dens like this, I found a wombat that snored. :D

In Central Australia, there’s a plant very similar to this that gets called “the bush banana” and is a staple bush tucker. However, this coastal plant is certainly a different species, so its food value can’t be assumed.

A clear photograph of the pannier setup– made from corner brackets that I’d bought from Bunnings.

Noticed a tent that was left behind after the day-visitors had left. Checking the grass underneath, I think it’d been there since Saturday.

I knew I should have bought that cheap gas cylinder at the Jervis Bay supermarket… I had maybe 20 grams of fuel to last the two days.
When the wind wasn’t a problem, I did my usual trick when there isn’t a picnic table of using the Postie as a benchtop.

I think this is actually my first time seeing them outside of an enclosure.

Back during the afternoon I’d chatted with an older caravanner couple, and their introduction to the local wombats was having them shake the hell out of their caravan from underneath while they were sleeping (likely from using it to scratch themselves). That made me a bit worried about my motorbike being knocked over (and losing another brake-lever..), so immediately after I went back and prepared the postie as best I could.

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