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The South of Sydney Camping trip — Day 2 (Jervis Bay)

Posted on Wednesday 29 May 2013

The second day of the trip was a full day checking out the Jervis Bay National Park, both the walking trails, and the roads, something I didn’t have time (or energy) for on the cycling visit 5 months ago.

In spite of the noisy caravanners having a big multi-family party at the BBQ site nearest to my tent, I somehow managed to fall asleep around about 8pm… and woke up at 2:30am… which is actually a decent amount of sleep by my standard. The test of the inflatable pool mattress was a success: not only was it comfortable, but the semi-sealed air bladders insulated me from the ground quite well. As it got light, it was time to have a look around the rest of the park, and the beach.

As other people’s breakfast time approached, I became a bit envious of one of the caravaners who used a blowtorch on the park-supplied wood to get his BBQ going with a minimum of fuss, and we had a bit of a chat about it (item#2 if I ever learn to drive and go car-camping…)
While it was Brushtail Possums hassling eating people last night, in the mornings it was the Kookaburras’ shift.

At about 8:30, I started on a hike from the Greenpatch campground and along the beachline to Murray’s Beach, further out on the peninsula.

(note: links to large panorama images– these were taken with my Nexus10 tablet)

At the “Hole in the Wall”.

So it seems to be actually legal to fish here, although only with a rod/hand line with a single hook. No bait or shellfish collecting, though.


Murray’s boat ramp. Unfortunately, it was really too cold…

The reason this area is so interesting to me was because I’d know of it for years as almost becoming the site for Australia’s (or rather, the hawkish factions of the Liberal Party) Uranium enrichment facility. Since the 1940s, there’d been a belief that the country should have nuclear power, and more urgently, weapons. Only one small problem– the existing global nuclear powers were keen on non-proliferation (but we all know the big-L Liberal’s attitude towards International treaties that aren’t theirs…) and also the small issue of the United States and Britain just not trusting the competency of baby Australia’s Intelligence services, or the industrial sector, given our history and reputation of failing hard.
Anyway, the enrichment facility got as far as laying down the foundations for several buildings in the Jervis Bay Territory, before the McMahon government nixed the project. The area is now a rather spacious car-park…

(Further info on the ‘Fortress Australia’ policy: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/documentaries/stories/s650355.htm and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVkcYyljYm8)

Murray’s Beach is often listed as one of the ’secret’ beaches of Australia…

A Poss sleeping in the Murray’s Boat Ramp carpark toilets.

Not being a big fan of retracing my steps, I walked back to Greenpatch along the roadway.

After 4 hours of hiking, I got started on riding the Postie around the well-made roads in the Jervis Bay area. The supermarket was actually rather decent, as independent stores go– prices were reasonable, and it certainly knew what the locals and the campers needed. And there’s petrol, too.

But the most memorable part of the Jervis Bay camp:

That evening, a family from Nowra that included 4 older teenage sons had nabbed the BBQ that I’d used the night before, however it had two cooking plates, so they called me over to let me know that I could use the other half of the BBQ, and we got into traveler chatting. The eldest son though, 20-21 or so, was a bit of a problem– the archetypal streetkid, too out of it to realize that he’s a complete flake. He made the night interesting…

There was his trying to enlist my help to convince his mother that illegal recreational drugs weren’t bad…

And his making a $10 bet that he could drink an entire ($40…) bottle of bourbon in 3 hours. He’d only made it through a third of a bottle before he became stupidly-dangerous drunk and wouldn’t calm down– at one point he took my hatchet and started flailing it wildly trying to split a large log for firewood, and in the usual retarded drunk way, absolutely wouldn’t listen to anyone telling him to stop.

And then he wanted everyone to give their approval for a female friend of his…

Everyone just took his stupidity in their stride…

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