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Maitland Steamfest 2007 (part 1)

Posted on Tuesday 1 May 2007

On April 21st Brian (train and photography geek) and I (industrial history and general technology geek) visited the Maitland Steamfest.

The first part of the day was photographing the carnival-like exhibition around the Maitland Railway Station. There were several restored 31/32/38-series steam trains using the platform to transport passengers to the other Steamfest venues.

Afterwards, we drove out to the Richmond Vale Railway Museum– I’ll post those photos later.

(If anyone’s going to say unkind things about us being old enough to find this fascinating…)

The old Maitland station Signal box building is now occupied by a Model Train club. Brian probably took a few too many photos of this exhibit…

It was funny to see that this steam roller had all the rego certificates to be legally allowed on the road. :-) This was fueled by burning wood.

Unexpectedly, these were fueled by coal. They however weren’t road-registered, so I can’t think of having one of my own instead of a motorbike… :-)

No idea why they thought helicopter rides were appropriate for the event. I’m guessing people were probably paying ~$70 for a 3-minute flight around the station…

1 Comment for 'Maitland Steamfest 2007 (part 1)'

    May 1, 2007 | 10:12 pm

    Ha, I only have a few model train photos that worked, I was experimenting with focus depth and speed on the moving vehicles.

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