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Western Sydney Geocaching (2007/04/09)

Posted on Tuesday 24 April 2007

A Geocaching day with Brian and Charlotte, and Brian’s new Toyota Prius.

The engine status display for the hybrid car– on average, it’s been doing about 4.5 litres per 100 kilometres– about the same as a 250cc motorbike! It also has fully continuous transmission, regenerative charging, and it’s very cool to get the quiet electric motor when starting up and moving slowly out of park– although someone’s already almost got themselves run-over by not realizing the car was moving! Even when the petrol engine is running, the absence of the usual car noises is amazing. I must remember to bring my sound-level meter next time.

Inverted Syphon (GC1224J)
S 33° 49.851 E 150° 56.227

We were actually hiding a cache this time– Brian’s first. This was a very grandiose but poorly-constructed aqueduct built in 1883 for the Prospect Reservoir. It was bypassed in 1907, and it wasn’t until 2001 that it was restored into a bike path.

St Bartholomews (GCMVF7)
S 33° 48.285 E 150° 55.057

Echo Knoll (GC1224X)
S 33° 51.821 E 150° 51.698

This was Brian’s second cache hide of the day, hidden in the Western Sydney Regional Park, in a mysterious magical stone circle… Charl discovered that if you stood in the right spot, the curved stone reflected and focused any sound you made right back at you– a weird acoustic effect. The lookout was on top of a small hill, with long spiral track around it, and even more mysterious large sculptures in the surrounding area– a UFO Landing Ground, undoubtedly! Also to the left and right of the hill were the exposed tunnels of a waterway from the Prospect Reservoir… the waterway went directly underneath the hill.

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